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ExecutiveShelly Somerville President519-899-4155 (h) 519-331-6343 (c)
ExecutiveTodd MackenziePast President226-973-8161 (c)
ExecutiveCharlie BarclayPast President519-869-4346 (h)
ExecutiveMike Poupard Vice President519-331-0280 (c)
ExecutiveKim LyonsSecretary519-869-4751 (h) 519-381-4626 (c)
ExecutiveMike LyonsTreasurer519-869-4751 (h)
ExecutiveMissy GenovyDirector519-918-0041 (c)
ExecutiveKolton PembletonDirector519-330-1935 (c)
ExecutiveCaleb EdwardsDirector519-384-9103 (c)
ExecutiveJenn ScottDirector519-490-8025 (c)
ExecutiveMaria MichelinDirector519-328-2517 (c)
ExecutiveMike GenovyDirector519-328-7091 (c)
Org StaffAwards Dinner CommitteeMARIA MICHELIN - Shelly Somerville, Jen Scott (Admin)
Org StaffWeb Master & Scheduler AdminMIKE LYONS - Kim Lyons
Org StaffEquipment CoordinatorsMIKE POUPARD - Missy Genovy
Org StaffUmpire CoordinatorSHELLY SOMERVILLE - Kolton Pembleton, Todd Mackenzie, Mike Lyons
Org StaffUniform & Cougar Wear Committee CoordinatorsMARIA MICHELIN (Uniforms) (Cougar Wear) - Missy Genovy, Kim Lyons, Jenn Scott (Admin)
Org StaffTournament CommitteeTODD MACKENZIE - Shelly Somerville, Kim Lyons, Mike Lyons, Charlie Barclay
Org StaffCanteen CommitteeKIM LYONS - Todd Mackenzie, Anne Marie Barclay, Charlie Barclay
Org StaffSponsorship CommitteeCALEB EDWARDS - Mike Genovy, Kim Lyons (Admin)
Org StaffField Rentals CommitteeMIKE LYONS - Kim Lyons
Org StaffMaintenance CommitteeTODD MACKENZIE - Mike Poupard, Caleb Edwards, Mike Genovy, Kolton Pembleton, Charlie Barclay
Org StaffCoach CommitteeTODD MACKENZIE - Charlie Barclay, Caleb Edwards, Mike Poupard, Jenn Scott (Admin)
Org StaffGrievance CommitteeSHELLY SOMERVILLE - Charlie Barclay, Mike Poupard
Org StaffVolunteer SchedulerKIM LYONS - Mike Lyons, Jenn Scott
Org StaffTeam Photos/Awards CommitteeKIM LYONS - Maria Michelin, Jenn Scott (Admin)
CB - Instructional (Co-Ed)Nathan JeffreyHead Coach5193815762 (h) 5193815762 (c)
CB - Instructional (Co-Ed)James FirthCoach2269329028 (h) 2269329028 (c)
CB - Instructional (Co-Ed)Jason HotkeCoach5193832210 (h)
CB - Instructional (Co-Ed)Travis McardleCoach5193127434 (h) 5193127434 (c)
CB - Instructional (Co-Ed)Meghan SchneiderCoach5193307685 (h) 5193307865 (c)
CB - Instructional (Co-Ed)Mike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
GLCL - Mite GirlsMike LyonsHead Coach5198694751 (h)
GLCL - Mite GirlsMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
GLCL - Mite GirlsJohn SmithCoach5193814626 (c)
GLCL - Squirt GirlsJaime RuzikHead Coach5199189428 (h) 5199189428 (c)
GLCL - Squirt GirlsJesse EdwardsCoach5194647701 (h) 5194647701 (c)
GLCL - Squirt GirlsLaurie HamillCoach5198698519 (h) 5194646262 (c)
GLCL - Squirt GirlsSteve McewenCoach5193311974 (h) 5193311974 (c)
GLCL - Squirt GirlsMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
GLCL - PeeWee GirlsMike LyonsHead Coach5198694751 (h)
GLCL - PeeWee GirlsMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
GLCL - Bantam GirlsJonathon NeedhamHead Coach5198992552 (h) 2269329396 (c)
GLCL - Bantam GirlsLori HaywardCoach5194665571 (h)
GLCL - Bantam GirlsKevin TaylorCoach5193336802 (h) 5199188478 (c)
GLCL - Bantam GirlsMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
LDBA - Rookie BoysAdam TownsendHead Coach5193810623 (h) 5193810623 (c)
LDBA - Rookie BoysAlex MarkosCoach2267845111 (h) 2264020395 (c)
LDBA - Rookie BoysJennifer NeedhamCoach5198992552 (h) 2269329009 (c)
LDBA - Rookie BoysCory SommiseCoach5193127941 (h) 5193127941 (c)
LDBA - Rookie BoysMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
LDBA - Mosquito BoysSpencer LeckieCoach5194029982 (h) 5194029982 (c)
LDBA - Mosquito BoysMike ShieldsCoach5194021084 (h) 5194021984 (c)
LDBA - Mosquito BoysMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
LDBA - PeeWee BoysJeremy BuchnerHead Coach5194915635 (h) 5194022204 (c)
LDBA - PeeWee BoysTracey KirkbrideCoach5193844428 (h) 5193844428 (c)
LDBA - PeeWee BoysRyan SharpeCoach5193841259 (h) 5193841259 (c)
LDBA - PeeWee BoysDarrell SkollyCoach5193306348 (h) 5193306348 (c)
LDBA - PeeWee BoysMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
LDBA - Bantam BoysChris DoanHead Coach5193326038 (h) 5194904173 (c)
LDBA - Bantam BoysRobert KrullCoach5193302265 (h) 5193302265 (c)
LDBA - Bantam BoysTerry MckennaCoach5193303698 (h) 5193303698 (c)
LDBA - Bantam BoysRay MeyerCoach5193124119 (h) 5193124119 (c)
LDBA - Bantam BoysRobert ShortreedCoach5194020059 (h) 5194020059 (c)
LDBA - Bantam BoysMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
SMAA - Midget Boys SarniaMike PoupardHead Coach5198823773 (h) 5193310280 (c)
SMAA - Midget Boys SarniaDavid AikmanCoach5193310717 (h) 5193310717 (c)
SMAA - Midget Boys SarniaLuke O'brienCoach5199089403 (h) 5194663181 (c)
SMAA - Midget Boys SarniaKolton PembletonCoach5199089269 (h) 5193301935 (c)
SMAA - Midget Boys SarniaMike LyonsWebmaster519-869-4751 (c)
CoEd - Twisted OliversTwisted Oliver PeteManager519-328-9953 (c)
CoEd - Angry PiratesMike Van SickleManager5193309251 (c)
CoEd - Ass BackwardsAss Backwards VickiManager519-381-0646 (c)
CoEd - Cleats and CleavageCleats and Cleavage BishManager226-932-6797 (c)
CoEd - Hits N GigglesHits and Giggles AllanManager519-333-9985 (c)
CoEd - One Hit WondersCrack of the Bat RogerManager519-328-6988 (c)
CoEd - Refined FoolRefined Fool DanielleManager519-330-7237 (c)
CoEd - Run Forest RunRun Forest Run FrankManager226-402-2349 (c)
CoEd - Smokin' BasesMaster Batters JeffManager519-402-4967 (c)
CoEd - Sons of PitchesSons of Pitches AshleyManager519-318-5983 (c)
CoEd - Sunday SwingersSunday Swingers MelManager519-328-5521 (c)
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